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WT Papier, founded in September 2016, is the Paper-Repro office of the Werkplaats Typografie family.

We offer a form of modified and self-described re-paper that reveals different degrees of its previous life. Using sheets exclusively from WT print runs collected throughout the year, the material is coated(er) with SunChemical white offset ink to give it a new life.

This process gives the paper a unique surface, best described as the love child between your favourite pearl shine wrapping paper and the candy gloss cover of the September issue.

Purchase WT Papier

If you are interested in purchasing WT Papier for your project, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call
(+31 [0]26 353 5774) or email (mail@werkplaatstypografie.org) to book a consultation. We offer a boutique service in which we discuss the paper’s degree of reveal, its genetic modification, sheet size, or any other specifics relating to your project.

Order Paper Dummies

If you would like to experience the tooth of WT Papier, you can also order a paper dummy. Our paper dummies are available in A5 format with 252 pages or A4 format with 126 pages, they are perfect bound with cold glue, and contain print samples that demonstrate the unique properties of the paper in use.

To order a paper dummy for 30€ please email (mail@werkplaatstypografie.org) with the dummy format you would like to order, your postal address, preferred method of payment, and we will be in touch to arrange the details.

View paper examples in use from Repro-modification Batch #1 (Sept. 2016).

Coated(er) Production Timeline

Repro-modification Batch #2 (date TBC): Karbon Arnhem File #5 designed by Robert Milne (Year 17); Karbon Arnhem File #4.2 designed by Eloise Harris (Year 17); Karbon Arnhem File #4.1 designed by Joel Colover (Year 17); Karbon Arnhem File #3 designed by Charlotte Taillet (Year 17).

Repro-modification Batch #1 (Sept. 2016): robstolk, Amsterdam × WT Papier for NY Art Book Fair Launch; Karbon Arnhem File #1 designed by Sarah Käsmayr (Year 16) and Robert Milne (Year 17); NY Art Book Fair 2013 handout designed by Bardhi Haliti (Year 14).


WT Papier, Agnietenplaats 2
6822 JD Arnhem, The Netherlands
+31 (0)26 353 5774, mail@werkplaatstypografie.org


WT Papier was initiated, designed, and produced by Sabo Day (Year 17), Eloise Harris (Year 17), and Robert Milne (Year 17). Paper dummy photographs by Line–Gry Hørup (Year 18). WT archive publications designed by: Stuart Bailey (Year 00), Nienke Terpsma (Year 03), Marijke Cobbenhagen (Year 04), Joana Katte (Year 04), Louis Lüthi (Year 04), Janna Meeus (Year 04), Radim Peško (Year 04), Willi Schmid (Year 04), Felix Weigand (Year 05), David Bennewith (Year 07), Kasia Korczak (Year 07), Scott Ponik (Year 08), Cecilia Costa (Year 09), Alex DeArmond (Year 09), Jaan Evart (Year 09), Jeremy Jansen (Year 09), Julie Peeters (Year 09), Hyo Kwon (Year 10), Goda Budvytytė (Year 11), Anna Haas (Year 11), Mark Simmonds (Year 12), Ronja Andersen (Year 16), Josse Pyl (Year 16), Nerijus Rimkus (Year 16), Maud Vervenne (Year 16). WT archive publications interpreted to paper dummies by: Joel Colover (Year 17), Sabo Day (Year 17), Rosie Eveleigh (Year 17), Eloise Harris (Year 17), Jin Kwang Kim (Year 17), Robert Milne (Year 17), Maria Mitcheva (Year 17), Auriane Preud'homme (Year 17), Charlotte Taillet (Year 17), Oliver Boulton (Year 18), Dorothee Dahler (Year 18), Malin Gewinner (Year 18), Line-Gry Hørup (Year 18), Adriaan van Leuven (Year 18), Luca Napoli (Year 18), Audrey Quaranta (Year 18), Yeliz Secerl (Year 18), Melina Wilson (Year 18).

With thanks to: Anniek Brattinga; Armand Mevis; Ilke Gers (Year 13); Joel Colover (Year 17); Karel Martens; Laure Giletti (Year 12); Liesbeth Doornbosch; Mads Wildgaard & Kristoffer Halse Sølling, Bold Decisions; Maria Mitcheva (Year 17); Mevis & Van Deursen, Amsterdam; Miquel Hervas Gomez; NORM, Zürich; Nerijus Rimkus (Year 16); Paul Elliman; robstolk, Amsterdam; Rosie Eveleigh (Year 17); SunChemical; WT Family; Walter Huinink; Wigger Bierma; Xavier Fernández Fuentes; and Yin Yin Wong (Year 13).

The Werkplaats Typografie (WT), a part of the ArtEZ University of the Arts, is a paper company and multifaceted anomaly (previously known and occasionally operating as a two-year graduate program in graphic design, as well as a (summer) school, studio, meeting place, (facsimile) library, bar, living room, cinema, publisher, distributor, buchmesse, perambulating bookshop, art institution, printer/copy-shop/bindery, nightclub, workshop, archive, office, garden, brewery, restaurant, gift shop, (phantom) radio station, secret society, band, qigong club, basketball team, and website) based in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The program is centered on practical assignments and self-initiated projects with lectures, workshops, seminars, meetings and readings geared towards self-accountable and independently motivated work and research.